Grow higher, better yields every season, with precision irrigation – no matter your crop, climate patterns, soil type or topography. 

Drip Irrigation Systems & Technology

Netafim is the world's leading drip irrigation technology company supplying multiple industries with smart drip irrigation systems that help to fight food scarcity, water usage, and land shortages. Using our precision drip irrigation supplies, farmers can grow higher yields at a higher quality using fewer valuable resources that may be scarce in their areas. We believe that precision drip irrigation technology should be available worldwide to help both developed and developing countries with a lack of viable, farmable land produce high-value crops without over-watering.

Working together to change the world is a big commitment, and Netafim has nurtured a bold set of goals to take on global challenges. We believe that a world without poverty and hunger is possible and that we can utilize our drip irrigation technology to aid in the advancement and progress of global issues such as gender equality. We can provide clean water and economic growth to underprivileged nations, and it all starts with a clear focus on six main industry sectors.

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