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Wastewater Reuse And Drip Dispersal

Drip technology was originally developed for the agricultural industry to improve the efficient delivery of water to plants, especially in environments where water supply is limited. The technique involved delivering water that plants actually use directly into the root zone and relying on horizontal and vertical movement through the soil to disperse the water evenly. Netafim is the world leader in drip applications and its drippers, filters, valves and other products have become industry standards around the world.

Subsurface drip dispersal is the most efficient method of dispersing wastewater effluent into the soil and presents the designer with a superior solution for virtually every soil type. When you purchase wastewater products from Netafim, you are getting the highest quality drip irrigation products available as well as an experienced team of Netafim Distributor professionals to support you.

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Netafim Bioline® Dripline Design Calculator - Based on Maximum Emitter Discharge Rate Per Day

The Netafim Bioline Calculator estimates the amount of Bioline needed to install a wastewater drip dispersal system, along with other design parameters. It is NOT intended to replace a professional design and should be used for estimating purposes only.


Drip Dispersal
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Drip Dispersal Solutions

In order to meet the increasing need for clean water, and the world population outstripping nature’s ability to deliver it, we must seek out and implement smart practices that provide sustainable solutions. The good news is that today more sophisticated advanced treatment units are available and do a far better job of treating the waste stream. Soil is one of nature’s most sophisticated purification tools. Whether clay, loam or sand, soil is an extremely effective treatment tool. When we deliver just the right amount of wastewater to it, at just the right time, the soil effectively provides additional and critical treatment before it reaches surface water or groundwater supplies. The key to success is delivering just the right amount of wastewater at just the right time to just the right spot.

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Sustainability means profitability

Today, the best way to deliver bigger, better, more profitable yields is also the most sustainable agriculture. Find out how we work with partners to protect the environment, empower populations and enable global prosperity with precision irrigation.

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