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Greenhouse & Nursery Irrigation Solutions

Netafim's line of greenhouse and nursery irrigation products includes drip and micro-irrigation systems and offers comprehensive solutions for any type of soil. Using the latest technology, our greenhouse irrigation products help to minimize your investment in terms of both time and resources while maximizing your crop yield.

One of the greatest challenges with irrigation is the overuse of water. In areas where rainfall can be sparse, and arid or unpredictable climatic conditions constantly plague growers attempting to maximize their profits, the overconsumption of water resources can be detrimental to their efforts. That's why our products focus on using the least amount of water possible and instead direct water where it is most needed.


Greenhouse & Nursery Irrigation Products

Netafim's greenhouse irrigation products use precision irrigation technology to deliver water directly to the root zones of each plant or crop. This eliminates the issues of evaporation, overwatering, underwatering, and run-off, and works to improve your bottom line. The process of directly controlled watering helps plants to grow healthier and more fruitfully as they are given the perfect amount of hydration and nutrients, as well as increases environmental sustainability across your entire operation.

Our vast experience in creating innovative greenhouse and nursery irrigation products has been fueled by feedback from real farmers and growers who have helped us tailor our solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry. When you choose Netafim, you're choosing a drip and micro-irrigation system that has been engineered for years of reliable service – a crucial component of your bottom-line profitability.


Netafim USA’s Commitment To Sustainability

All of our innovative products are designed to provide you with increased accuracy, control, and uniformity regardless of what crops or plants you grow. From driplines and dripper assemblies to sprinklers, misters, foggers, spray stakes, and more, irrigation is a breeze, and water is used more efficiently than other watering methods. Plus, our selection of water meters, filters, valves, and pressure regulators will help to ensure that your system requires little maintenance while producing top-quality yields. Learn more about our individual greenhouse irrigation products and nursery irrigation products below.

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Need some help working out which products are right for your Greenhouse?

Need some help working out which products are right for your Greenhouse?

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